Stop Flat Roof Leaks!

Stop Flat Roof Leaks!

Mention flat roofs and everyone will have a story about a leak.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Great planning and installation of the right materials, and application of common sense in how a flat roof is used and you can, I believe, stop flat roof leaks.

Here’s how to stop flat roof leaks

  • Buy cheap buy twice: make sure you buy materials from a big-name brand, complete with roof edges, and that you pay heed to all the instructions
  • It might be more expensive to put heating and aircon equipment inside or on the ground, but it will avoid damaging your roof.
  • Watch out for any areas where the work of your roofing contractor intersects with anyone else – mason, bricklayer, skylight installer etc – make sure the quality of the intersection doesn’t suffer
  • Make sure your roofing contractor has plenty of space to work around anything – at least 75cm clearance – and make sure he has a plan to work to.
  • Design high platforms for large equipment so roof maintenance is possible underneath the kit.
  • Ensure structural posts for other equipment are round so your roofer and use foolproof flashing details
  • Make mechanical and electrical contractors use pipe boxes instead of pitch pockets – far less likely to leak
  • Never attach piping or conduit directly to flashings and copings as this can hinder any future maintenance.

Flat roof leaks that should never have happened

  • We’ve seen our share of flat roof leaks that could have been avoided too:
  • A roof where the edges hadn’t been fitted or maintained properly
  • A school roof there the mortar joint and flashing cracked to let water round the edge of the flat roof
  • A factory where the roof top HVAC unit was letting rainwater in through joints in the casing which had been fitted without gaskets

Planning a good flat roof

Most of these factors can be planned for – so we think it is possible to design a flat roof that doesn’t leak!