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Resources Library

Useful guides, reports and tools to download that will answer all your building & renovation questions and help you prepare for your new home.

18 Amazingly Helpful FREE Documents!

Here are 18 FREE really useful documents that will help explain various subjects that your Architectural Service Provider may mention during the initial meeting.

  • Architectural Process Guides – What is involved in producing an architectural service provider-designed building project? How does a project start? These guides will help you understand the course of project step-by-step.
  • Asbestos – What to do when Asbestos is discovered.
  • Building Regulations – What are they, why do they matter and how can we help you ensure you don’t have to worry about them?
  • Drawings – What to expect and how to understand an architectural drawing.
  • Extension or Renovation process – What to expect from start to finish, an invaluable guide to help you understand what will happen and when.
  • How to Hire an Architectural Services Provider – This guide will be invaluable to you if you are considering engaging an Architectural Service Provider to help design your new home or renovation. It will answer all your questions like: Where do I start? What do I ask?, How do we sort out the fees?
  • How Much will it Cost? – This document will provide you with the basics to start evaluating the costs for your project. It always best to obtain a real quote for your specific project but this document will help consider each element.
  • How to Be the Best Neighbour
  • How to Get On with A Neighbour Who is having work undertaken.
  • Planning – Understanding enough about the planning permission process to help you navigate getting planning for your project.
  • SAP Calculations – What you may need to know about how and why SAP calculations matter when designing a new building, extension or renovation.
  • Structural Calculations – the very foundation of your project is based upon critical structural calculations, here’s a simple guide.
  • Measured Building Survey – What does one of our surveys consist of and why?
  • Improve Your Home Without Planning Permission – There are lots of things you can do without Planning Permission to improve your home, start with this guide.
  • Conservatories – How to plan your Conservatory so it works for you AND the planning system!
  • Other Specialist Services – This guide may help you understand why you may need specialist consultants for your project. What do they do? When do I need them?
  • Briefing Guide – how to put together a brief for your project.
  • The Discovery process – what happens next?

To download any of these plain English Guides, just complete and submit this short form – links to the documents will then be emailed to you.

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DIY Surveyor – Survey Before You …. (Kindle Edition)

This E-Book will give those prospective home buyers some easy to follow pointers to help them save money from employing a professional property surveyor for ever they view.

DIY Assess & Plan (Kindle Edition)

An E-Book to give newbie DIYers a guide on how to assess and plan for the work they have uncovered during their own survey of their property and to help them save money from employing professional tradesmen.