Project Timings

Timescale of your project:

If you are planning to extend your home, you should consider the timescale for each process once initial discussions have taken place with your Architectural Service Provider:

  1. Survey: Measure existing property – Dependant on the size and complexity this can take from 2hrs – two days. Then these measurements are used to draw the existing plans & elevations, and to draw the proposed plans and elevations. Dependant on size of project, this can take three days – two weeks.
  2. Planning: The application process can take 8 weeks in most instances.
  3. Building Control Approval: This application requires additional drawing details to be provided and this can take two days to a number of weeks subject to again the size of the project. My projects are able to start seven days after the application has been received by the Building Control Officers.

So at best from survey to start on site could be 11 weeks. At worst from survey to start on site could be fifteen weeks +.

So something to consider when thinking about when you would like to start on site with your project.

I have produced a number of free guides and reports to help you understand as much about the design building process as possible. I’m continually adding more information, so take a look at the Resources Library