Architectural Services Northants


Chances are, if you’re living or working in Northamptonshire, you recognise it as a county unique in its land- and townscape. The rolling hills concealing hardworking towns and stunning villages, and local stone a feature wherever you look.

So if you are looking to extend or build in the county, then you need someone who understands it and can provide architectural services Northants style – to fit in with surroundings.

Alan J Currall, Architectural Services Northants

Alan J Currall has been employed in the industry full-time since 1993, and running his own business since 2013. Based in Kettering, in the heart of Northamptonshire, he is well placed to understand local needs.

He has undertaken work for countless private clients across the county, from small extensions to create useful extra space, to new builds with a lasting impact on their surroundings. Alan also undertakes renovations.

Northamptonshire is rich in interesting buildings, and whilst equally happy working on recently built properties, Alan also has substantial experience working with clients on Listed buildings and barn conversions

Importantly, Alan also provides a constant point of contact for all his clients. If you want to discuss your design, you speak to him, directly. If you have any problems or queries, you speak to him. If you want a progress report on your project or have questions about the process, you speak to him, every time.

“Although it is a challenge at times, running my own business has allowed me the opportunity to implement business practices I am happy with, keeping my customers always in the loop,” commented Alan. “It also allows me to engage with clients on a more professional level. I am constantly reviewing my business & practices to make sure that anyone who chooses us for architectural services Northants is not disappointed.”