Planning & Building Regulation Drawings

Drawings come in many shapes and sizes – and more to the point are used for different purposes.

Planning Drawings:

Along with a completed planning application form, floor plans & elevation drawings of the existing property and floor plans & elevation showing the proposed extension/s will be required. An OS Map marking the plot with a red outline and the area of any works with a red outline & coloured in red will also be required by the local authority. All of the drawings will also require a scale bar and a north point.

To create planning drawings:


A measured survey of the existing property/site will need to be undertaken in order to create an accurate drawing of existing plans & elevations. The drawing/s will form the basis of all future drawings.


The existing drawing/s will then be worked on to produce the proposed plans & elevations, at this stage you will have the opportunity to assess, request changes and approve them for planning submission.

OS Map:

I subscribe to a system that allows the download of current OS Maps in a digital format so it can be worked on to form the required elements: Site, Location & Block Plans for the project.


Irrespective of drawings being required for planning if you are planning on any structural work to a property Building Control will need to be notified and they are likely to require drawings of some description. (See: Building Regulation Drawings below)

Building Regulation Drawings:

There are two approaches but both will require the OS Map as for planning:


The planning drawings with the addition of minimal but crucial dimensions can be used to carry out the work by a competent contractor, be it extension, conversion or new build. This option carries the risk of being in the hands of the contractor when it comes to interpretation of your requirements and the specification of the materials. The building inspector will carry out site inspections and check the specification on site to ensure the materials and the construction method complies with the current building regulations however the specification may only be enough to pass rather than to future proof.

Plan Check:

Full building regulation drawings including fully dimensioned construction drawings, foundation and wall plans, sectional drawings and specific details and are generally far more detailed. A number of material specifications are noted on the drawing/s as well as timber sizes for floor joists and rafters (if a cut roof is used), they will also show the specification and locations for insulation, the heat loss values (U-Values) for glazing and locations of any steel work will also be shown and noted. These drawings are provided to both the client for their records and Building Control for them to carry out a  “Plan Check”. The Building inspector will still carry out their site inspections but will have the added benefit of having checked the drawings, this allows the building inspector to compare the specification of the materials actually being used on site against the approved drawings.